“I was framed, wrongly convicted and spent 18 years in prison. NSB litigated my lawsuit and fought vigorously for justice. The litigation process was long and arduous, but NSB was up to the challenge. Counsel for the defendants tried to thwart the discovery process every step of the way by delaying the transfer of files and making the deposition process impossible at times.

Despite all the difficulties, the NSB team fought for 12 years until justice was done. They left no stone unturned. The case was complicated, in that it included the testimony of many scientific experts (DNA experts and criminologists in the field of hair analysis). At the end, the jury found that evidence was planted, withheld and that I was prosecuted maliciously. The NSB team then defended the judgment through the entire appeal process all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Throughout the course of this litigation the NSB team fought very professionally despite the many hurdles and also showed much concern about my own personal welfare every step of the way.”

—NSB client John Restivo

“NSB has particular expertise litigating § 1983 wrongful conviction suits and has successfully litigated dozens of such cases around the country. Even Defendants admit that “at one time [NSB] might have held a monopoly on ‘DNA law.’”

Moreover, this case was exceedingly arduous and complex, involving extensive expert analysis and presentation of DNA evidence, spanning eight years and two trials…  There is no dispute that NSB achieved excellent results on behalf of both of their clients.”

Restivo and Halstead, et al. v. Nassau County, et al., E.D.N.Y., Case No. 06-CV-6720-JS-SIL, Docket #284 (November 30, 2015)