Federal judge sets award for NSB client Freddie Peacock, who was wrongfully imprisoned because of misconduct by Rochester Police Officers.

On August 5, 2016, NSB and cocounsel Easton Thompson Kasperek Shiffrin, LLP procured a 6.2 million dollar award for Freddie Peacock, who served nearly 6 years in prison and an additional 10 years on parole for a crime he did not commit. Decades after his release from prison, Mr. Peacock was finally cleared by DNA evidence.

In May 2016, Judge Michael Telesca of the United States District Court for the Western District of New York rejected defendants’ motion for summary judgment and allowed Mr. Peacock’s core claims to proceed to trial. NSB then successfully entered into an agreement with the defendants, in which the defendants conceded liability and the parties allowed Judge Telesca to decide an appropriate award of damages for Mr. Peacock. NSB’s successful pre-trial motion practice, extensive discovery, and submission of damages evidence—including a video presentation featuring Mr. Peacock and his family and friends—was critical to obtaining this award for Mr. Peacock.

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