Kansas Wrongful Conviction Lawsuit Reaches $12.5 Million Settlement

NSB has won a $12.5 million settlement on behalf of Lamonte McIntyre and his mother Rosie, after he spent 23 years in prison for a double murder he did not commit.

According to the Associated Press, “McIntyre was 17 in 1994 when he was arrested in Kansas City for the shooting deaths of 21-year-old Doniel Quinn and 34-year-old Donald Ewing…. McIntyre and his mother have said Golubski coerced her into sex and then framed her teenage son for the double homicide because she rejected the detective’s later sexual advances. They also allege Golubski abused dozens of Black women for years and many officers were aware of his conduct.”

Mr. McIntyre was freed in 2017 after a local prosecutor asked the court to vacate his convictions and drop all charges, calling his case an example of “manifest injustice.” Prosecutors had presented no physical evidence tying McIntyre to the killings and their case largely hinged on testimony that was coerced.

The civil case built on an already egregious record of misconduct by Golubski in this case and others. In particular, depositions proved that Golubski had fabricated false identifications of McIntyre by two witnesses through suggestion and threats. Discovery also demonstrated that policymakers from the Unified Government were on notice of rampant corruption in the department and failed to act, emboldening Golubski and others.

During his November 2020 deposition, Golubski invoked the 5th Amendment 555 times in response to questions from NSB Partner Emma Freudenberger such as if he understood he was being accused of “some of the grossest acts of corruption a police officer can commit.” In September 2022, Golubski was indicted on charges of depriving people of their federal rights for raping and attempted kidnapping while working as a police officer. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

The case is McIntyre v. Unified Government, No. 18-cv-2545 (D. Kan.). The McIntyre family was represented by NSB Partners Barry Scheck and Emma Freudenberger, NSB Staff Attorney Sona Shah, Johnnie L. Cochran Fellow Grace Paras with paralegal contributions from Ariel Manning. Lathrop GPM and Cheryle A. Pilate of Morgan Pilate LLC also represented the McIntyre family in this matter.

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