NSB wins settlement for client Reginald Connor, who spent 16 years wrongfully imprisoned because of NYPD police misconduct

This year NSB client Reginald Connor won a combined 11 million dollar settlement award from the state and City of New York. Mr. Connor spent approximately 16 years incarcerated and another 6.5 years on parole for a 1992 kidnapping he did not commit before he was exonerated in 2015. Mr. Connor’s wrongful conviction was the result of police fraud by New York City Police Department detectives, which included detectives’ fabrication of evidence and coercion of an unreliable informant to falsely identify Mr. Connor.

NSB’s pre-trial motion practice and early success in obtaining critical document discovery led to resolution of Mr. Connor’s federal civil rights suit before any deposition discovery.

Mr. Connor’s legal team at NSB included partners Nick Brustin and Emma Freudenberger and Cochran Fellows Jules Torti and Amelia Green.

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